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Parque Ribeira Primeira has 11 lagoons, where is possible to fishing trouts.

The trouts that exist and can be fished are original from a vivarium in Seixal, in the north coast of the Island. Although they also appear naturally, resulting of the entrance in the water that comes directly from Ribeira Primeira. This occurs because the rainbow trout (North American species that was introduced in Madeira last century for fishing reasons) is able to complete its biological cycle in the region’s creeks, spawning in the headwater’s between December and February. In Spring and Summer’s months, you can see trouts with only 2 – 3 cm swimming along with the big ones. They do very well here, because they get what they need.

The first 10 lagoons along the park have trouts with around 300 gr — 400gr, this is the ideal size to fill your plate. The 11ª lagoon, known as the Big Lagoon, has approximately 1 million liters of water and 25 meters of diameter and already has trouts with more than 4 kg. These trouts can only be fished with proper equipment that we have available at the local.

Come and try trout fishing with us, at the Park everyone can be a Fisherman!

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