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Here you will be able to, from time to time, add a bit more to the reality, or not was this, a place for fishermen.....

 The space was designed always regarding the same principle, which is to work along with Nature.

At the Ribeira Primeira Park we dream, create and innovate!

That’s what happens at the fisherman liar place, a wood construction with sixteen perfectly equal walls, inspired in a simple spider’s web, one of the most perfect and resistant masterpiece offered by the Nature. We used a cedar tree that was destroyed in the 2016’s fires and (we) gave him a brand-new life and soul so that he can remain with us for many many years. Look at the centenary wood structure and remember how beautiful and strong a spider’s web is. You have to understand that we learn a lot with Nature and from her we absolve great lessons and huge sources of inspiration!

“O Recanto do Pescador Mentiroso” (The fisherman liar place)  is not a restaurant, it’s a place where friends can get together and have na enjoyable time. Here all dishes are  made in a wood fired oven.

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