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A hidden forest, a paradise to discover.

The route begins with a slight rise in the forest pathway and this levada brings us to an extraordinary trip on the island’s forest. Along the way, executed side by side with the levada, there are many kinds of different Madeira’s flora and bird species that you might observe as well as understand the (lifelong) struggle that has always existed  for the capture, preservation and the use of water, because the levadas are extremely important for the life of the population (for the water consume and for the food production). You will find during  the journey, several landscapes where you’ll be able to enjoy some of the island’s East locations. The magnitude of the mountains will follow you in the journey. This is an easy and accessibly trip to anyone, whether you are a child or a grown up. It’s located approximately 200 – 300 meters from the park and it represents an unmissable attraction while the lunch is being cooked.

We recommend the use of suitable shoes and clothes.

Enjoy the natural sounds and the magical atmosphere provided by this magical tour.

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